Whilst travelling Southeast Asia in 2017 the impact of plastic on our beautiful planet had never been so apparent.

The amount of plastic rubbish washed up on beaches and green spaces broke our hearts.  We learnt that every single piece of plastic ever made still exists today and that number rises every second, contaminating our oceans and poisoning every living organism.

We immediately became more aware of our plastic footprint and looked for alternatives to these throw away items.

We soon realised that Asia have been using bamboo and coconut material as a staple part of their lives for centuries, its strong, its sustainable and its natural. why hadn't we thought of this before?
Right there and then Bamboo and Coconuts was born and we want to help you reduce your plastic waste too.

Bamboo and Coconuts provide natural, sustainable and biodegradable alternatives to everyday plastic items. We are always on the hunt for more eco friendly products to add to our range which will make it easy for you to say no to plastic.

We visit our suppliers farms and closely monitor the production process so that we can promise you the very best quality in our products.

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